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Interactionman is a small (really small!) independent game development studio based in Brighton, England.

If you're looking for more info about Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. Check out the Games page.

The latest and most detailed updates will be posted in the Blog and linked below and you can follow Interactionman on various social media platforms too. Follow @Interactionman on Twitter and InteractionmanGames on Facebook for all the latest details.

Latest News & Updates

Books for World Book Day

2nd March 2017

Here’s a very short update, mostly so I could post this image of all the library books I made since it’s #WorldBookDay ! I’ve been making good progress on the demo I started in December, and yesterday played through it from start to end and discovered that all the major puzzles and elements are now […]

Progress Update – Happy New Year!

2nd January 2017

It’s a bit optimistic isn’t it, to think the whole year will be ‘Happy’ but who knows we might get lucky! One thing I do know – 2016 ended on a pretty high note for me and Mr Albert Devlin. I got loads of work done on the demo during December and he got a […]

Progress Update – Turtle Power!

25th November 2016

Wow has it really been 5 months since the last update? What can I say? Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately but I’m still here and definitely still working on my game! So how come it’s been so long since the last update? Earlier in the year I applied for some funding but sadly didn’t […]

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