Where do you go after you die?
And How Will You Get There?

Solve this age old mystery in Before The Devil Knows You're Dead a real time adventure game,
currently in development for PC.

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Take control of Albert Devlin - a recently deceased Victorian gentleman, as he leaves his life and former home behind to go on a journey into the great beyond.

Venture forth!
After years of isolation, living alone in the great mansion inherited from his long lost parents, heading out into the unknown won't be easy. Difficult memories, unresolved issues and unanswered questions all haunt the path to a peaceful afterlife.

Acquire supernatural powers
Being dead has some advantages. Albert can become a ghost and use powers such as 'ghost vision' to see and interact with objects hidden in the ghost world, and 'ghost light' to see in the dark. There may be more, but you'll have to find out how to use them.

Solve Mysteries
Use Albert’s new found powers to guide him through a variety of locations filled with puzzles, ancient mysteries and some surprising and uniquely British characters.

Get in touch!
Do you have unanswered questions about the afterlife? We might not be able to answer those, but if you want more info about the game then get in touch!

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