Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

May 9th, 2015

Hey it’s time for an announcement!

Finally I can let everyone know some details about my game! So here it is – it’s called Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead.

The game is inspired by the old Irish saying “May you get to heaven thirty minutes before The Devil knows you’re dead” and is a platform/adventure game where you play as someone who recently died and finds themself in-between death and… It’s up to you to find your way safely to whatever comes next, before The Devil finds out you’re dead!

Here is the very first screenshot –


Hope you like it!

You can find all the latest info on the game page here:

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Monthly Update – May

May 1st, 2015

May 1st is here already so it’s time for an update.

April paid no attention to my original plans for the month and changed everything by bringing me some some freelance work! It means I’ve had less time to focus on my own project in the last few weeks, but having some money coming in helps (especially after last months unexpected upgrade expenses!) and the other project is also using Unity so I get a bit of practice in and I’m learning things that will feed back to and help with my own work so it’s a reasonable trade off. I’ll have to see as time goes on if the money coming in vs the time taken away from my project balances out as an overall gain, but for now I’ll be continuing to do both.

So what did I get done on my game? I made quite a bit of progress on defining the art style and making a test scene. It’s up and running in Unity and the major parts are all done. All the modelling and UVs are done along with more than half of the texturing. I still have various props to texture. It’s the props and set dressing that really tell the story add a lot of flavor to a location, and with the upgrade to Unity 5 it’s possible to do some great lighting too which is everything in an environment. I hope within about a week from now it’ll all be done and I’ll be able to post the first screenshot.

After getting the art style nailed down (or at least the first iteration of it) the next thing will be to answer the nagging question in my mind – whether to stick with the more traditional 2D scrolling platform style, or allow movement in 3D. There are solid arguments for both, so I’ll probably end up doing a mock up of a small level in each style to see which one feels better. I’ve done a level in 2D already and it works fine so I need to test the 3D movement next, but I do feel I’m swinging more towards 3D at the moment. I’m really looking forward to testing it out and finally deciding once and for all.

Another busy month ahead, see you next time!


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