Character Preview!

June 26th, 2015

To coincide with my very own birthday (because why not?!) I’m posting a preview of the very first character from Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead.

Here he is, and there will be more to follow very soon!


Monthly Update – June

June 1st, 2015

It’s June already, that can only mean one thing… yes, it’s my Birth…Month! Yeah that’s BirthMonth! I’m taking the whole month this year. Because reasons. Oh and there’s also a progress update.

Busy month again! May’s tasks were to get the art test done – check! Had some nice feedback about that and some new people started following the game, thanks everyone and it’s great to see the word starting to spread about the game even at this early stage.

The next major thing was to make a decision on the 2D vs 3D debate. After doing a few tests 3D won (as I suspected it would) so I’m going full steam ahead with the 3D world with 3D movement and a fixed direction camera. So it’s like a side scrolling game, but with added z-depth. A bit like how ARPG style games work, but not as ‘top down’. And still definitely no combat. You’re already dead remember!

After deciding on the 3D thing I had some adjustments to make to the character controller to add the movement in Z, get the character facing in the correct direction when moving and improving ladder climbing etc. That all went very well until I totally broke it. It’s still not quite resolved, I have the awesome problem of something being broken with the new code I added in, but when I take it out something else breaks. So I’m a bit stuck with that at the moment.

While I figure out how to fix my code bugs I’ve been doing some more level design. I couldn’t hold back once I’d decided to go with the 3D world, and I’ve knocked out one complete level design and a second that’s about 90% done in the last week. I’m a little bit on fire! I’m planning to do all the level design ‘on paper’ first before I start blocking anything out. That way I can get a complete overview of the whole game, see exactly what puzzles I need to build and what assets I’ll have to make. I’ll also be able to better plan some re-use of things and try to cut down on the large, complex, single-use stuff that might not be totally necessary.

I’d really like to get some character design underway this month too, but that will depend on how the rest of the level design goes.

See you next month when I’ll be a little bit older and hopefully a little bit wiser. But definitely older.

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