News Flash – Twitter name updated!

July 23rd, 2015

I’ve just had my Twitter username updated to be the correct name, so no more awkward acronyms!

The old one @iam_games is no longer valid, it’s now simply @Interactionman

All followers should get updated automatically, but just in case please take note of the new name.



Monthly Update – July

July 1st, 2015

No prizes for guessing what this months update is about… yeah you guessed it – characters!

I posted the first image up last week on… I forget which day it was… oh yeah my birthday! I spent most of last month working on characters, getting the silhouette and proportions right and then trying out various styles and outfits and hair styles… and beard styles. I haven’t had much experience with illustrating characters but I think I got the overall feel right so hopefully it will translate well into 3D and he will look at home in the world. That will be this months main task – get the first character modeled, textured and animated so I can try it out in the test level. To be honest the animation part is the thing I’m most dreading about the whole production of this game. I didn’t get on very well with the animation classes in school and haven’t touched it since so it’s number one on the ‘Scary Jobs I’m Putting Off Till Later’ list!

Character Concept 01

As far as the actual design of the characters goes, the ones I’ve shown so far are all potential candidates for the player character. My initial thought was to offer some kind of choice or customisation for the player character. The options would be purely cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay other than (hopefully) making a stronger connection between the player and their choice of in-game character. We’ll see how time and resources feel about that idea! And don’t panic, the female character designs are already underway. As an ex-menswear designer I’m a lot more familiar with how to design men’s outfits so the female characters are taking a little longer. The first few ended up looking a bit too much like costumes rather than clothing so I’m bringing them back in line with the guys. I’ll be looking for some feedback on the female character designs to make sure I get them right, so stay tuned and I’ll post them as soon as they’re done.

Character Concept 02

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