Monthly Update – November

November 1st, 2015

I feel like I start this every month by saying “I’ve had a busy month”… but I have, again!

After getting the layout for the forest level blocked out during the previous month, I spent October getting all gameplay done. It’s been quite a full month so, without giving too many spoilers and specifics away here’s a quick list of what I added this month;

Two different door + key puzzles
Approx. 10 different object interactions
Floating name plates for interactive objects
‘Death’ and reset system
Learning two new Ghost abilities
Hazardous mushrooms (!)
Dangerous ravens
Flowing water (with a little help from Rob)
Spreading fire
Multiple UI pop ups (including a treasure map!)
and the Will o’ the Wisp you can see in the video below.

Forest level (work in progress)

Forest level (work in progress)

Having got all the gameplay in according to the original plan I got a few people test the level and the flaws in layout and general flow were immediately apparent, some of which I already suspected but it’s good to test things and find out. It’s pretty much impossible to test a puzzle/exploration game when you’ve built it yourself. So I’ve gone back to re-work the layout and iron out those issues and should have a second iteration of the level ready to test again in a few days.

Once I’m happy with the new layout, and hopefully it won’t take multiple re-builds, I’ll most likely move on to building the next level. I may take a small slice of the forest and get it to a more finished level visually, as I did with the mansion house screenshot. It helps to be able to visualize the final look of the level, how the lighting will affect it and so on and because I know people are interested to see nice artwork! Getting people to look at my game, talk about it and share it is the hardest part really and definitely the biggest battle facing all independent game developers since we don’t have large advertising budgets.

So I’ll leave you with a short clip taken from the beginning of the forest level. See you next month. I predict another busy one!

Forest Test - Play Clip

Forest Test – Play Clip

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