Monthly Update – January 2016!

January 2nd, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

I was thinking all day yesterday about what to write for this update. I realise now why the media is so full of lists and retrospectives and such at this time of year. Even as someone who doesn’t get caught up in all the Christmassy madness it’s still a weird time of year and for some reason hard to focus on anything.

So here is my list! Nah just kidding, instead of a big list of what I’ve done in the twelve months (which is quite a lot really considering I only started thinking about this game towards the end of January) I’ll have a little Back to the Future moment and post an answer to myself back on the 1st of Jan 2015 in the form of an image.

“I wonder what it will look like this time next year…” I said in my first blog post, well now we know!

Jan 2015 vs Jan 2016

Jan 2015 vs Jan 2016

That is the screenshot taken in Unity on Jan 1st 2015 and a screenshot taken today in the level I’m currently working on. It shows less than half of the forest level currently in development and circled in red at the bottom left is the player character for scale. There are one or two more scripts in the scripts folder too 😉

So yeah, lots of progress which is great, but still a massive amount left to do. My focus this year will be more towards getting stuff done that I can show to the outside world. I’ve been beavering away in my little studio for the last 12 months and have put out a couple of screenshots here and there but mostly what I’ve done has been behind closed doors. I need to start getting things done that I can show to more people and generate more interest for the game. That means more ‘finished’ artwork, getting proper animations done and then I can start showing gameplay clips too. I’m also going to start looking into getting some external funding for the project. So far the project has been funded directly from my own personal bank account, but if I’m going to make this game as good as it can be I’m probably going to need some help on a few things, which means paying people, which means I need to raise some more money for the project. I doubt I’ll do it via crowdfunding, so I’m looking into other options such as the recently announced UK Games Fund.

On a more immediate note, the revision of the Forest level that I’ve been working on for the last couple of months turned out pretty good and I’ve had a few people test it and got some very useful feedback (thanks JC and JC!). I have a few more tweaks to make on the positioning of things and then I’m going to work on improving gameplay feedback, i.e. having animations, sounds, effects and so on to let the player know what is going on in the world. I also just picked up the ‘NPC Chat’ asset from the Unity Asset Store so I can start adding some NPC dialog to the game, and of course modelling, texturing and lighting so it looks like a proper world instead of a grey box.

This is starting to turn into a list so I better stop right there!

So good luck everyone with whatever you’re doing in 2016, and again, I wonder how things will look this time next year?

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