Progress Update – Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2017

It’s a bit optimistic isn’t it, to think the whole year will be ‘Happy’ but who knows we might get lucky! One thing I do know – 2016 ended on a pretty high note for me and Mr Albert Devlin. I got loads of work done on the demo during December and he got a whole new mansion to play in!

Having booked the whole month for working on my own game and not doing any freelance work I set to work in a brand new project in the brand new Unity version (5.5) and with a new (to me) visual scripting asset called PlayMaker. It takes the pain out of coding for someone like me who isn’t a professional programmer and has enabled me to make a ton of progress on the game. I didn’t keep any of my old scripts from the previous project versions and test levels and started out making things from scratch to see if it would be viable and/or quicker with Playmaker. Well our survey says a big fat YES! Since December 1st (inc. a couple of days learning how to use PlayMaker, 1 full day in London and 2 days off sick, plus all the Christmassy goings on) I’ve managed to;

rebuild the pick up and drop item system (better than before!)
rework ‘ghost mode’ (more optimised than the old version)
build a new mansion layout (it’s bigger!)
build a new text label system for items
make interactable doors (that always open away from you)
make most of the puzzles for the demo
make interactable UI puzzles using moving elements
make UI button hints for interactive objects
model and texture various props including curtains for the bedroom and hall and a moon globe lamp!

I had a lot to catch up with after the previous months, but I think I’m back on track!

There is still quite a bit to do to make get the demo totally finished though, I made a ‘Big Bad To Do List’ this morning and it’s a full page of two columns, so I’ll be busy for a little while yet. The plan is to apply for the Leftfield Collection which is at EGX Rezzed in March this year. It’s a showcase for indie games and if you get selected you get to show your game at EGX for free and it’s usually a popular section of the exhibition which means a lot of people will come by and have a look at the game so fingers crossed for that.

Ok enough words, what about some screenshots?

December demo work in progress

December demo work in progress

December demo work in progress

Moon Globe Lamp!

December demo work in progress

Exploring the mansion

December demo work in progress

Grandfather Clock puzzle

December demo work in progress

What could this be for?

That’s all for now, more to come soon. And as always, thanks for looking!

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