Books for World Book Day

March 2nd, 2017

Here’s a very short update, mostly so I could post this image of all the library books I made since it’s #WorldBookDay !

Books for the library

Books for the library

I’ve been making good progress on the demo I started in December, and yesterday played through it from start to end and discovered that all the major puzzles and elements are now in and working. There is still quite a bit of art and polish to do, and of course various tweaks and adjustments but it’s getting close to being done now. I’ll probably make a new trailer once everything is finished, and then it’ll be time for testing.

Wait… what? Did I say ‘new’ trailer… like there’s an ‘old’ one? Yes! I think I may have somehow forgotten to post that up on my blog! Here it is:

How do you like the music? It’s by the very talented Lyndon Holland. I’m looking forward to more of that, and a more finished version of the demo very soon.

Don’t forget to read more books!

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